About Me

About Me

I am basically a dietician working in the healthcare industry for the past 20 years. Weight loss intended for better health is a must for every human being and should be considered on health grounds. I have been working with patients who are suffering from obesity as diseases and also patients who cannot cut fat from their body just by maintaining a diet and doing some exercises. My methodologies to reduce weight include:

  • Diet Plan
  • Exercise
  • Appetite suppressants

Diet Plan: The diet plans recommended are mostly low carb diet. These days ketogenic recipes are included in a diet plan so that metabolism of the body is not affected. A specific quantity is advised for both men and women. Even children who suffer from obesity at a very young age are subject to minute diet changes and are strictly instructed to avoid junk food.

Exercise: I recommend exercise on a daily routine. Do it as much as your body can and overdoing has its own ill effects. So it is important to understand what your body needs.

Appetite Suppressants: As a dietician, I believe in controlling our body through the food we eat. May it be vegetarian, non-vegetarian or vegan if we can get some knowledge about what kind of food can reduce our appetite which can in turn control putting on weight, then we are sure to be healthy. So I and my team of medical professionals conduct regular informative seminars on the importance of food both for good health and weight loss.

You may choose your time and get some information both from our workshops about food and weight loss as well as our website. It is an informative portal to reach us also for any kind of medical help on being more active and healthy.